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“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness...”

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[Matthew 6:33]


Kingdom Builders Worldwide, Inc. is a ministry that is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone, while making a positive impact in our communities, our nation and around the world. The heart of this ministry is to love everyone into salvation and wholeness through equipping God’s people to live an abundant life.  


Our passion is to see everyone connected to this ministry healed, transformed, and enriched to live balanced lives through a greater understanding of the Word of God, worship, and the work of ministry (i.e. evangelism and the use of your talents).

We couldn’t be more excited. We anticipate God doing some awesome things at Kingdom Builders Worldwide. We will always be a church that invites the Holy Spirit to have His way in our midst. That typically results in seeing lives changed, marriages and relationships restored, past hurts healed, and people growing closer to Christ in their personal relationship with Him. Would you join us on this journey of REAL people with REAL problems encountering a REAL relationship with Jesus? Come see what it’s all about.

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